Aman became the national table tennis champion


Kathmandu: The first question is, who is the best male player of all time that Nepali table tennis has ever got? The more mouths, the more answers. 

Aman Chitrakar
Aman Chitrakar. Image: ekantipur.Com

Aman Chitrakar is a more frequent name in these answers. Again the question arises, who is this peace?

He is almost unfamiliar to the new generation in Nepali table tennis circles. Many names can be heard, but not physically met. For contemporaries, he is ‘our peace’.

They say, ‘Our peace is straightforward, they are good, they are good players.’ Just what is good, very good. Exactly yes, still number one among Nepali table tennis players. Some may be upset, but one thing is for sure, everyone is silent. 

In fact, Aman became Nepal’s national champion six times in a row. No one has won so many national titles before or since. So who is to consider him as number one?

He currently lives in South Korea. That’s it. They keep coming to Kathmandu. There is a curiosity between all these questions. How is he? After a long effort, he was finally found. They are here today. 

He agreed to talk to Chaturananda Rajvaidya, president of the All Nepal Table Tennis Association. These royal physicians sometimes get tired of praising the same peace. Anyway, at the first meeting, they were really nice people.

If we look at the history, the national table tennis tournament has been started since 2008 BS. The first champion was GP Lohani. The list of champions so far should be made, it is dominated by certain families. Such as Lohani, Suwal, Chitrakar Parivar etc. 

Needless to say, the painter belongs to the painter family. His family has given him two national champions. The first was Sajal Chitrakar. Another is peace. These were special.

Almost ‘undefeated’

Kilagal of inner Kathmandu. There is a family of painters here, whose brothers go for two things in total. The first was music, the next was table tennis. Two of the five brothers became national champions. 

Another lotus painter also represented Nepal on various occasions and played abroad. Aman was born in the year 022, initially played gymnastics. Later I liked football. But he established himself in table tennis.

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