Tribhuvan army became the Ganeshman Singh National Fencing Competition


Kathmandu: Tribhuvan Army Club of Nepal Army has become the team champion in the 1st Bir Ganeshman Singh National Fencing Competition.

Sena became the team champion by winning 6 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals. Similarly another departmental team APF finished second with 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze medals and Bagmati Pradesh stood third with 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

On the final day of the tournament jointly organized by Veer Ganeshman Singh Sports Committee and Nepal Fencing Association, Army won the gold medal by defeating Bagmati 45-29 in the men’s team foul. Gandaki and APF won bronze medals.

Similarly, the Army won the gold medal in Team Mahila Savar. In the final, Sena won the gold medal by defeating APF by 45-36 points. Bagmati and Gandaki won bronze medals.


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