Canada wins the NSJF Futsal Festival title


Kathmandu: Canada has won the title of NSJF Futsal Festival organized by Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF) on the occasion of International Olympic Day.

In the final of the tournament held at the National Sports Center in Castle on Friday, Team Canada defeated Team USA 2-1 in a penalty shootout to become the champions.

Abhinav Joshi and Basu Awal of Team Canada scored from the penalty spot. Muna Karki could not score from the penalty spot. While Nishan Rai of Team America scored, Dil Tamang and Geeta Rai could not score.

Abhinav Joshi of Team Canada scored two goals and Basu Awal scored one goal before the penalty.

Similarly, Dil Tamang of Team USA scored two goals while Sujan Shrestha scored one goal. In the four-team competition, Team America reached the final, winning all three games. Team Canada reached the final with two wins in three games.

In the men’s team, Abhinav Joshi of Team Canada and Geeta Rai of the women’s team were selected as the best players.

Best Goalkeeper Team USA’s Sanjay Thapa, Emerging Player Team Malaysia’s Ashish Pudasaini, Outstanding Manager Team Canada’s Dipesh Timalsina, Goal of the Moment Award Team America’s Niranjan Rajbanshi, Moment of the Day Award Team Canada’s Bharat Bomjan, Attractive Player Award Team America’s Nishan Rai and Pooja Shakya and Suman Siwakoti received the Off the Day Award.


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