Nepal beat UAE by 4 wickets in the outbreak of help of Paras Khadka


NPL Sports – Nepal wins to UAE by 4 wicketsIn the third match of the World Cricket League Division-II at the Namibia’s Seminar cricket ground.

Nepal’s captain Paras Khadka scored 51 runs in the help of 2 fours and five sixs. On the same side, Somalpal Kami picked up 4 wickets and Sandip Lamichane took 3 wickets.

Paras attacked aggressively when opener and trusted wickets were not scored in the double mark. Gyanendra Mallal 5, Dipendra Singh Aari 4, Sharad Vasavkarkar 3, Dilipnath 2 runs out after scoring the sixth wicket with Arif Sheikh in the cricketer.

Paras went out in personal 51 runs and Arif 16 runs. Then Somal Kami, who came to the cridge, made 10 runs with 1 six in 5 balls. Rohit Poudel remained unbeaten in 12 runs.

Earlier the UAE was delayed by 34 runs in 31 overs in 34 overs in 34 over. Somalpal Kami, 4 Sande Lamichhane, 3, Paras Khadka, 2 and Karan KC took 1 wicket in order to alout UAE in a similar way.

Somal Kami, who was out on the first over of the UAE’s opening batsman, was out in Ahmed Zero run, took out UAE Gullam Rider on the outskirts of the second and took second wicket each. In the second innings, Mohammad Namid took 10 runs out in the first innings. Sompal scored out for 10 for the first time. After taking out, he took 4 wickets.

Karan KC took third wicket for nepal in the eighth over. He has dropped UAE’s slave rider in 16 runs. Fourth, fifth and sixth wicket, Sandip Lamichhane was named. Sandeep, who took UAE’s Ramaj Sahad to out of 4 in the run, Showed Mohammad Osman the path to Pavelion in a zero run.

Sandeep out of the 22th over, UAE’s Sachin Anwar playing 30 runs. Paras Khadka, captain of the seventh and eight wicket, was taken by Nepal. Paras defeated Adnan Mufti 18 and Mohammad Bota to 15 runs.

With today’s victory, Nepal has been ranked second in the second digit with 4 points. Canada is ranked unbeaten in the six games, with 6 points in the top. The team will be able to play a World Cup in the top two place.


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