ICC rules change proposal: Not allowed to shine the ball and Local referees are available


The ICC Cricket Committee has proposed some changes to the rules of the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC said in a media release that the proposal was made to reduce the risk posed by Covid 19 and to protect the safety of players and match officials.

The panel, led by former India captain Anil Kumble, has also proposed the use of non-neutral match officials in all international matches.

The ICC Cricket Committee has discussed the issue of cricket match ball and non-neutral umpires and referees through a conference call focusing on the issue of Covid 19.The ICC said the proposal would be submitted to the ICC’s chief executive committee for approval.

Dr Peter Harkot of the ICC Medical Advisory Committee had informed the cricket committee that the virus could be spread due to saliva used in balls.

The ICC Cricket Committee has also proposed to appoint match officials for all the three formats of Test, ODI and T20I matches. Since 2002, the ICC has not appointed officials from the participating teams.The cricket committee has proposed to appoint a local match official for some time due to issues such as travel challenges and quarantine rules.

The ICC will decide on the matter from local elite and international panel referees and umpires. If there is no elite panel match official, it is mentioned that the best local international match official can be appointed.

ICC Cricket Committee chief Anil Kumble said the committee had made the proposal immediately to ensure the safe start of cricket and ensure the safety of all involved in the game as we are all on vacation now.


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