DRS will be used for the first time in T20 World Cup


KATHMANDU: The Decision Review System (DRS) will be used for the first time in the ICC Men’s Twenty20 World Cup. The ICC board meeting announced the use of DRS, according to the Cricinfo.com website.

From next Sunday, October 17, each team of the T20 World Cup to be held in UAE and Oman will get two DRS in one game. Due to the Corona epidemic, the DRS system has been used considering the possibility of less experienced umpires playing the game, the ICC said.

The ICC has also decided to increase the minimum number of overs for games that are delayed and delayed by rain. If each team bats a minimum of five overs in the group stage of the T20 World Cup, the result will be determined by the Duckworth-Lewis (DLS) system. But for DLS in the semi-finals and final, each team will have to bat at least 10 overs.

Captains will have special power

The way the captain DRS challenges the decision given by the field umpire in Test and ODI matches, he will have this right during the World Cup as well.

The captain of both the teams playing the match shall have the right to challenge the decision of the field umpire twice during the innings. If the decision is changed by the TV umpire, the DRS will remain intact, if the decision is not in the captain’s favor, then he will lose it.

What is DRS?

The ICC had made the rule of DRS to rectify the mistake of giving out to the players by the field umpire. If the field umpire turns down the appeal of the players of the team and the captain feels that it should have been given out.

In such a situation, the captain can demand DRS, after which the decision goes to the TV umpire. After watching the replays, the TV umpire decides whether the player is out or not. Similarly, if the batsman feels that the umpire has given him a wrong out, he can also demand DRS.


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