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Fighting spirit has developed in the players: Kiran Chemjong

Kathmandu: Nepali team ware returned home on Sunday evening after played World Cup qualifiers and Asian Cup qualifiers in Kuwait. Captain of the Nepali team Kiran Chemjong said that this visit was an achievement.

Talking to News Agency Nepal in Kathmandu on Monday, Captain Kiran said that the Nepali team has performed better than in the past. With Qatar in fourth place in the group stage, Nepal’s chances of playing in the World Cup have been dashed after the second round of the World Cup qualifiers ended, leaving only the hope of a playoff in the ASEAN Cup. Interview with Captain Chemjong after returning to Nepal:

How was your visit to Kuwait overall?

I have seen improvement in all three games of Kuwait. We must move forward, examining our strengths. Special attention should be paid to positive issues in the coming days. Going forward in this way, Nepal’s football development can gain momentum.

In the game against Chinese Taipei, we were able to continue the result of the past. In the games against Jordan and Australia, the goal of breaking past results could not be achieved. Where did we go wrong

After winning the first leg at his home ground, we were fully prepared to get a happy result in the second leg as well. The achievement of visiting Iraq before leaving for Kuwait boosted our morale. We followed the instructions given by the coach and assistant coach throughout the game. Players got encouragement as soon as they took the lead from the penalty spot. Later, the second goal also came out.

The game against Jordan was tough. The goal margin in the first leg was huge. In the first leg, we were behind from the penalty spot. The same situation happened in the second leg. An unintentional mistake was made. We lost the game due to a simple mistake. Although we tried to improve, we were confused. Even though we came on the field with the goal of grabbing points, we lost 3-0. We have performed well overall.

How do you watch the game against Australia?

It was an opportunity for us to play with the best team. The second leg was different from the first leg. It was an achievement for us to be able to share the field in the first leg. In the first leg we were aiming to gain experience and in the second leg we were aiming to play competitive football. We had prepared accordingly. Although we were limited to 10 players in the first half, we managed to play as a team.

We also stopped strong Australia in the One Man Down. I am very satisfied with the performance of Nepali players in the game against Australia. It was an experience for us to play with the power house of Asia. We expect to play with other Asian powerhouses in the coming days. Let’s play with teams like Korea, Japan, Iran.

Playing with a strong team improves the standard of Nepali football. Such games are more about experience than playing for victory. The message that Nepal can also play competitive football goes around the world. The game against Australia has proved that even if we lose by a big margin, the opportunity to face each other for the second time can give the message that we have improved.

Has coach Almutairi’s strategy been successful in the tour?

The coach’s direction means a lot. The coach is to show the way. Abdullah, the new coach of the Nepali team, has to fill the minds of all the players with ‘We can play football’. No matter how strong the opponent is, we have the mentality that we can play football. His inspiration has developed the mentality that new players can play competitive games. Fighting spirit has developed in the new player. The coach’s plan is to take football one step further. We have supported him for that.

What kind of plan is needed to continue the performance of the Nepali team’s visit to Kuwait in the coming days?

ANFA and the Government of Nepal should make a schedule to keep the players busy. By playing friendly games again and again with a strong team, the path of overall game improvement can be embraced by correcting the shortcomings.

Leagues should be run professionally. Football players should be kept busy by international tours. We have to play more and more friendly games with the countries above and below us.

If this is the case, the result of Nepali football will be good. Such plans are also encouraging for players. If we can play with a big team again and again, we can definitely show an improved game. We can look at the shortcomings.


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