Tottenham, Chelsea, Brighton and Manchester wins, Tottenham moved in the top spot


Tottenham have returned to the top of English Premier League football. Tottenham climbed to the top spot with a 2-0 win over Manchester City last night.

Sun Hyung Min and Giovanni Lo Cello, who came on as substitutes, scored one goal each to give the home side the win. Tottenham have won four games in a row in the league.

Tottenham have a two-point lead over Chelsea and Leicester City in the Premier League. Top-ranked Tottenham have 20 points. City is in 10th place in the table. In the other match, Chelsea defeated Newcastle United 2-0. After beating Newcastle, Chelsea rose to the top spot.

Tottenham returned to the top spot after beating Manchester City 2-0. In another match, Brighton defeated Aston Villa 2-1. In another match this morning, Manchester United defeated West Brom 1-0.