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ICC is ready to support for Nepali cricket development

Kathmandu: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has said that it is always ready to support the development of Nepali cricket.

ICC support for Nepali Cricket
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With the complete removal of financial control of the Nepal Cricket Association (NCA), the entire suspension of CAN has been lifted.

The ICC representative formally announced that partial economic control over Nepal had been lifted on Saturday.

ICC representative Imran Khwaja said that all the provisions that Nepal has to fulfill have been fulfilled in a phased manner.

Also, Imran Khwaja, who has shown interest from the government level for the physical infrastructure in Nepali cricket, was seen as positive.

Youth and Sports Minister Maheshwar Jung Gahatraj had a meeting with the ICC representative on Saturday.

The meeting was held at the meeting room of Tripureshwor-based National Sports Council.

The ICC suspended CAN in April 2016 for political interference and lack of financial transparency.

However, Nepal was also participating in international competitions. A new working committee was formed under the leadership of Chatur Bahadur Chand through a special general meeting held in September 2008.

The ICC then lifted the suspension on Cannes. Nepali cricket was dependent on the ICC for financial matters as the ICC controlled CAN’s economic activities.

Now, all suspensions, including economic activities, have been lifted and CAN will be able to pursue its plan independently, said Chatur Bahadur Chand, president of the Nepal Cricket Association.

Since the suspension of the Nepal Cricket Association (NCA) in Fukuoka, the association’s elected executive committee has gradually met all the criteria of the ICC and based its assessment on its excellent performance in financial transparency.


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