Italy beat Turkey 3-0 in the opening match in Euro Cup 2020


Kathmandu: Italy got off to a great start in Euro Cup 2020 with a big win so far. Italy beat Turkey 3-0 in the opening match at the Olympia Stadium in Rome.

This is the first time that one-time champions Italy have scored more than two goals in a single game at the Euro cup.

Although the first half was goalless, Italy scored all the goals in the second half. Ciro Immobile and Lorenzo Insigni scored for Italy. The next goal was a gift.

The first goal of Eurocup 2020 was suicidal. Italy took the lead in the 53rd minute when Marih Demiral scored a suicide goal. Immobile doubled Italy’s lead in the 66th minute. Insignia scored in the 79th minute.

Italy had previously won the 2000 game between Italy and Turkey. Italy have added three points after winning the Group A match.

Similarly, Italy has extended its unbeaten run to 28 games. Italy have not lost to Portugal since September 2018. In this process, Italy has won 23 games and played 5 draws. Similarly, in the year 2021, Italy has not scored a goal yet.

Italy have not conceded a goal in their last nine games.

In the Euro Cup, which is being held in 11 countries for the first time, Italy will play the remaining two matches of the group at home.

Three games are being played today

Three games are being played today under Euro Cup. Wales and Switzerland in Group A, Denmark and Finland in Group B and Belgium and Russia are playing.

The match between Wales and Switzerland will start at 6:45 pm Nepali time at the Baku Olympic Stadium. The match between Denmark and Finland will start at 9:45 pm and the match between Belgium and Russia will start at 12:45 pm. Denmark will play at home in Copenhagen, while Belgium and Russia will play in St. Petersburg.


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