Thursday, March 23, 2023

Lionel Messi bids tearful farewell to Barcelona

Lionel Messi bid a tearful farewell to Barcelona on Sunday at a packed press conference and confirmed a switch to Paris Saint-Germain “is a possibility”.

Messi, 34, became a free agent in June after 21 years attachment, with continued “financial and structural obstacles” leading to Friday’s bombshell announcement a renewal would not be signed. An incredible 672 goals were netted in 778 appearances by the Argentina icon, with 34 trophies being claimed and six Ballon d’Ors.

“This is very difficult, I was not prepared for this. Last year I was convinced to leave, but this year we were going to stay, my family and I wanted to continue here, in our house,” said Messi.

“After 21 years I’m leaving with my three Catalan-Argentine kids. We’ve lived in this city, this is our home. I’m just really grateful for everything, all my team-mates, everyone who has been by my side.

“I gave everything for this club from the first day I arrived to the last. I never imagined having to say goodbye as I didn’t think about it. What’s clear is I did everything possible, and they (Barca) couldn’t do it because of La Liga.

“A lot of things have been said about me, but on my behalf we did everything I could because I wanted to stay. Last year I didn’t want to stay and I said it. This year I did and I couldn’t.

“I love this club. Without seeing the fans for over a year-and-a-half has been very hard. If I had imagined it [his leaving speech] I would’ve imagined the Camp Nou full and being able to say goodbye properly.”

Messi responded to speculation about a move to Ligue 1 by stating: “Paris Saint-Germain is a possibility, yes.

“At the moment nothing is confirmed, I received a lot of calls after the Barcelona statement. We’re talking about it.”

Article Source: Sport360 – Latest Sports News

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