Lionel Messi’s contract ends with Spanish club Barcelona


Kathmandu: Lionel Messi’s has ended contract with Spanish club Barcelona. Messi’s contract has expired since last night.

Messi is now a free agent to go to any club. Attempts to renew the contract between Argentine captain Messi and Spanish club Barcelona were unsuccessful within 30 days.

Messi, the world’s most famous and best player in football, is available for transfer for the first time. He played football at Barcelona’s academy from a young age.

After John Laporta returned as president, Barcelona announced that they would renew their contract with Messi. On Messi’s birthday, June 24, Barcelona wanted to announce the renewal of the contract, but it was not successful.

Last season, Messi tried to leave the Catalan club. But Messi did not leave Barcelona after the club agreed to release 700 million euros.

Messi and the club are discussing an agreement. It remains to be seen whether Messi will stay at Camp Nou or move to another club. But now Messi has become a free agent and any club can sign him.

The clubs that will sign Messi are Manchester City in the Premier League and Paris Saint-Germain in the French Ligue 1.

Messi is currently playing in the Copa America in Brazil from Argentina. Argentina is playing Ecuador in the quarterfinals.


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