Martyrs’ Memorial ‘A’ Division League will be held in 4 grounds


KATHMANDU: The Satdobato Youth Club and Friends Club, which have been promoted this season, are competing in the inaugural match of the Martyrs’ Memorial ‘A’ Division League to be held from November 12 onwards.

The league, which was held in two grounds in the previous edition, is now being held in four grounds. The Manang Marsyangdi Football Club is making the stadium in Pokhara its home ground and the castle ground is also planned to be used for the league.

The Martyrs’ Memorial ‘A’ Division League, considered the backbone of Nepali football, is being inaugurated at the Dasharath Stadium in Tripureshwor on November 13. The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has said that the inaugural match will be played at the Flood Light.

The inaugural match at Dasharath Stadium will start at 5 pm. Apart from the inaugural game, other games will be played at 3 pm in the new stadium built after the 2072 earthquake. The stadium in the central part of Kathmandu has hosted the 13th South Asian Games and some international games. Only the initial two-phase schedule has been made public, with Dasharath Stadium as well as the ANFA Technical Center.

The first match to be played at ANFA Technical Center will be between Himalayan Sherpas and Sankata Club on November 12. The game will be played at 12 noon. At the ANFA Technical Center, an artificial turf, some teams are now playing a friendly game, which has been described as a pre-season practice game. There is still some technical work to be done in ANFA, which aims to make the third round of the game in Castle. The work of making goal post on the ground and making the line of the playing field inside the ground remains to be done.

Similarly, Pokhara Stadium will also be used as the fourth sports venue, according to ANFA. As the schedule has to be made accordingly, only the venue, date and time of the two-stage game have been fixed.

Due to the corona virus infection, the limited number of spectators will be allowed to play in the new season. Fourteen teams are participating in the league which will run till March 29, while two teams will be relegated. The league will have a total of 13 stages and 91 games.

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