Messi and Neymar are facing each other in the final for the Copa America title


KATHMANDU: Lionel Messi and Neymar, two Barcelona champions who have won the title together, are set to face their national teams Argentina and Brazil in the Copa America.

This is the first time Messi and Neymar have faced each other in a title race. The title game is being played on Sunday morning at the historic Maracana Stadium.

This will be the last chance for Messi, one of the best players in the history of football, to change his title-winning identity for Argentina. This will be Messi’s fifth major final and he wants to win the title at any cost this time. Messi was a member of the Argentina team that lost in the 2007, 2015, 2016 Copa Amrica and 2014 World Cup finals.

Argentina has not won a title in 28 years

The Argentine team has not won a title in 28 years. He last won the Copa Amrica in 1993, beating Mexico. After that, the team competed for the title four times (3 Copa America, 1 World Cup) but lost each time. Now, for the fifth time, Argentina has a chance to break the series.

Brazil with 100 percent results at home

Brazil has won the Copa America as many times as it has. This is the sixth time that Brazil has hosted the tournament and it has reached the final. He had previously organized in 2019, 1989, 1949, 1922, 1919 and became the winner. However, Argentina failed to win the World Cup twice. Once runner-up and once in fourth place.


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