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Physical Challenge Cricket Series: Nepal playing against India from 10th June

Kathmandu: The T20 International Physically Challenged Cricket Series between Nepal and India, organized by the Wheelchair Cricket Association of Nepal, is scheduled to start on June 10.

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The Wheelchair Cricket Association said in a press conference on Wednesday that a cricket series for persons with disabilities would be held between Nepal and India.

A three-match series between Nepal and India will be played at Mulpani Cricket Ground. The games will be played on May 27, 28 and 29.

According to the president of the association Chultim Galgen Sherpa, if the weather is favorable, there will be a special kind of cricket on the last day.

Rabindra Gupta, technical head of the tournament and also the national umpire, said that except for keeping extra runners for those who could not run, everything would be played according to ICC rules.

Gupta said standing cricket was being played between the two countries.

“We have been preparing for this series for a month now. An estimated budget of Rs 2.2 million will be required for this ‘, Gupta said,’ Our goal is to have a standing cricket world cup in Nepal. Preparations are being made for that. The target for 2023 is not set. There are 8 teams. At the request of the international community, we have also decided to hold the World Cup. ‘

Standing team captain Ram Prasad Kharel said he was excited to play at home. “This will be our fifth meeting with India. Hasn’t won yet. India is a good team. They have been playing for a long time. We have started from 2017. We play better than we win, ”he said.

Kharel said the game became popular after the four-nation series in Bangladesh and now there are many new players. “There are about half the new players in the team this time. Now we have to develop capacity by bringing in new players, ”he said.

He said that while playing in Bangladesh, a video of him and his team went viral and many players came in contact and then the players were selected at different stages.

Nepal had earlier played standing cricket with India for the first time in 2019 at DAV School.


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