CAN signed an agreement with an Indian company for the Nepal T20 League


Kathmandu: The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has signed an agreement with an Indian company for the Nepal T20 League in accordance with Indian law.

Image: Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN)

CAN and Indian company Seven Three Sports (S3) had repeatedly agreed to host Nepal’s official T20 league.

But a recent public agreement states that the agreement is in accordance with Indian law. Article 21 of the agreement states, “This agreement is in accordance with Indian law.”

The agreement states that if there is a dispute and it is not resolved within 15 days, the dispute will be settled in New Delhi according to Indian law.

But CAN secretary Prashant Bikram Malla says the point of having to go to Delhi to mediate should not be exaggerated.

“It simply came to our notice then. Singapore was supposed to be for that, but Delhi was far away. There is nothing wrong with that. If there is any problem, it means to mediate. There is no issue. ‘

A 51-page agreement was signed between CAN and S3 in January 2077 for the Nepal T20 League.

In the meantime, CAN had reached a decision to cancel the contract with S3 due to lack of permission from Kovid-19 and Nepal government.

However, the last general meeting held in Dhangadhi decided to give rights to S3 with some amendments in the old agreement.

According to him CAN had last signed a revised agreement with S3. According to the amended agreement, the previous and previous agreements will be implemented after getting permission from the Government of Nepal.

The eight-year agreement states that CAN has granted Seven Three Sports ‘Strategic and Commercial Partner and Advisor Rights’ (strategic and business partner and advisory rights).

That Vapad S3 will give Rs 330 million to CAN in 8 years. Junior Cricket Championship Program with Nepal T20 League

CAN had stated that it has signed an agreement with Seven Three Sports to play in Nepal T20 League.

However, the agreement reached between the two sides states that the hosting rights of any cricket tournament in Nepal, including the T20 league, T10, T-15, will be given to Seven Three Sports.

Seven Three Sports will have the right to select players, from franchisees to select sponsors in any future cricket tournament recognized by the ICC.

CAN secretary Malla claimed that only the Nepali T20 league was sold to S3 and all others were in the interest of the development of Nepali cricket.

‘Only the rights of Nepali T20 league have been given. If someone is paying Rs. 40 million for the first time, why should we not cooperate in it? We haven’t sold anything else.

The only way to convince them is to give them to you if you have any other league. Nothing else ‘, Malle explained.

The intellectual property of the Nepal T20 Cricket Talent Hunt or other competition, league or event to be held for the next 8 years under the auspices of CAN will be exclusive with Seven Three Sports. This will include the trademark logo name of the league.

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