Not the case with the future of sports : Silwal


Member Secretary of the National Sports Council Ramesh Kumar Silwal said that the future of Nepali sports cannot be said to be the same now.

Speaking at the Technical Handbook Public Program of All Nepal Football Association ANFA A Division League 2076 in Tripureshwor on Friday, Member Secretary Silwal said that corona virus Covid-19 has affected Nepali sports activities.

Football’s B division has been postponed due to corona virus. C Division League could not start. “We were prepared to do everything in the open field by manipulating like in foreign countries. The situation was positive, ‘Silwal said,’ but again as Corona’s infection increased, it became impossible to do so. ‘

Member Secretary Silwal said that it is not possible to say when Nepali sports will start now. “In such a situation, it is not possible to say the same now,” said Silwal. Ordinary players should also be normal. ‘ He also said that the rules of the government should be followed.

In the context of football, Silval said that now the A division league needs to be organized and grading needs to be done. Announcing the league’s first technical report in South Asia, Silwal said it was a good start.


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