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Neymar accused of neglecting Mbappe request

Paris Saint-Germain have changed their manager and sporting director this summer, but some old issues with personnel may still remain.

Kylian Mbappe opts to work with someone elseCredit: Twitter

The superstar trio are back at Paris Saint-Germain for pre-season training. But Neymar SNUBBED Kylian Mbappe to work with Lionel Messi in PSG training.

And an incident during a routine training drill has gotten fans talking.

Players were made to pair up on the pitch, linking hands and pulling their weights back to counterbalance each other before running off.

Mbappe, 23, appeared to be standing next to Neymar as this drill was being completed, but they didn’t partner up.

Instead, the Frenchman appeared to wait for a coach, while his Brazilian counterpart stood by for Messi.

One fan account tweeted: “Neymar ignored Mbappe for Messi. Watch closely!”

Neymar completed the drill with Lionel MessiCredit: Twitter

Others, however, believe that it was Mbappe simply waiting for the coach, and that the drill played out as it was supposed to.

Neymar and Mbappe are entering their sixth season together in Paris.

But the 30-year-old will always seem to have a greater affinity with his former Barcelona pal Messi.



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