Ronaldo equals the record for most international goals


    KATHMANDU: Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo has equaled the record for most international goals scored by an Iranian player, Ali Dais.

    Ronaldo, who scored two goals in yesterday’s game against France, has equaled the international record of 109 goals with Ali Dai of Iran.

    From 1993 to 2006, Ali Dai of Iran scored a record 109 goals. Along with him, Ronaldo has also managed to set a record. Ronaldo and his brother alone have scored more than 90 goals in international football. No other player has scored more than 90 goals.

    Ronaldo has already set the record for most goals in a Euro Cup. Ronaldo has even broken the record of Germany’s Miroslav Klose for scoring the most goals in the World Cup and Euro Cup combined. Ronaldo has scored 21 goals in both competitions.


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