Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony will be held today after finals of 13 competitions


Kathmandu : The Tokyo Olympics are coming to an end today. The closing ceremony will be held today after the finals of 13 competitions. The United States is trailing China, which tops the Olympic medal table.

There is a difference of two golds between China and the United States so far. China is first with 87 medals including 38 gold, 31 silver and 18 bronze and the United States is second with 108 medals including 36 gold, 39 silver and 33 bronze. Japan is in third place with 27 gold, 12 silver and 17 bronze medals. The 32nd Summer Olympics, which was inaugurated on July 26, is coming to an end today.

This time, 208 countries were represented in the Olympics, which is considered as the Aquarius fair of sports. Swimmers Gaurika Singh and Alex Shah carried Nepal’s flag at the inauguration ceremony. Five athletes from Nepal participated in four games in the Olympics.

Gaurika Singh and Alex Shah from swimming, Kalpana Pariyar from shooting, Sonia Bhatt from judo and Saraswati Chaudhary from athletics. But out of the first stage. The Tokyo Olympics have been delayed by a year due to cowardice. This was the first time in Olympic history that the competition had moved.