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Kathmandu: Even though it is a national game, volleyball has not got the facilities according to it.

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The volleyball league, which was declared the national sport of Nepal by the government 6 years ago, still does not have a covered hall.

Even the players have not been able to get any concessions or service facilities due to the fact that it is a national game.

Some of the support that volleyball players are getting is the amount of money and prizes that they get when they win a competition.

But on Tuesday, the Nepal Volleyball Association made a new start. For the first time, the association has announced monthly salary/allowance for 12 players in the men’s and women’s national volleyball teams.

On Tuesday, after holding a press conference in Kathmandu, the Volleyball Association provided salaries to 24 players of the national team at the rate of 5,000 per month.

The association has distributed a lump sum amount for three months of September, October and November.

“Now we have started with 5,000, this amount may be small, but this is a historic moment in Nepali volleyball,” said Jitendra Bahadur Chand, president of the Nepal Volleyball Association.

In order to provide monthly salary to the players of the national team, 24 people like volleyball lovers and clubs, former international and national players professional NRNA officials in America have helped.

It was put together by former player Ram Shrestha. Similarly, Kailash Bhatt, the former captain of the men’s national team, Ramila Tandukar, the former member of the women’s national team, and Sipora Gurung, among others, have helped. Ram and Ramila are husband and wife.

The amount of 360,000 they sent from America was distributed to 24 players at the rate of 15,000. Now we have received funds for three months. We have distributed that cash to the players, now we have received information that more money will be sent after mid-November.

Chairman Chand said that only 12 players in the women’s and men’s national teams will get allowance every month.

“While football and cricket players are getting monthly money, there were frequent questions in the media about when the national sports volleyball players will get it,” President Chand said, “we were talking to our partners in America, with their help we have been able to give money for three months now.” ,’

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