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Dissatisfaction of 4 clubs playing ‘A’ division league regarding NSL action

KATHMANDU: Martyrs’ Memorial ‘A’ Division clubs New Road Team (NRT), Manang Marsyangdi Club, Three Star Club and Sankata Club have accused the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) of acting against the rules. Are

In a joint press conference held in Kathmandu on Sunday, the four clubs criticized the NSL for not announcing the date of the ongoing A Division League.

All the four clubs have expressed the view that it is against the rules for the NSL to take action without any formal information while the player’s contract with the club is still pending.

Sanjeev Shilpakar, general secretary of the Three Star Club, said that it was objectionable for the players to bid without informing the clubs while the agreement with the players was still pending.

The four clubs, which held a press conference in protest, have demanded to discuss the issue in the working committee meeting to be held on Tuesday.

At a similar press conference, the participating clubs said that they could recall their representatives if they could not address the ANFA working committee.

Similarly, General Secretary of Sankata Club Ramesh Dhwaj Basnet said that if the demand of the club is not addressed, it will come up with other programs.

He also said that as per the agreement reached between NSL organizer Nepal Sports and Event Management and ANFA, ANFA would take initiative to get the program to be recognized by AFC and FIFA.

Clubs participating in the NSL have been accused of questioning the agreement, saying they could participate in AFC competitions without following the procedure and not respond to club licensing.


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